Sunday, December 11, 2011

Salt dough projects

We made salt dough maps in class of any state that we wanted. I of course chose the great state of Wisconsin! Mine turned out really good! I had never made anything with salt dough so this was a new experience for me. I made the salt dough at home and it turned out really good! I really enjoyed this lesson with the states because it is a fun way for students to research the geography of a state as well as learning how to place those features on a map. These are simple projects that really do not create that big of a mess if the dough is made properly. The project can be done in the classroom at the student’s desk. The school that I did my field placement in used salt dough to create snakes that went with a character from a book they were reading. I liked that idea as well and it really shows that salt dough can be used for many different projects.  I liked all of the hands on projects we did in this class and they got me thinking of ways to incorporate them into my classroom one day. It is fun to be creative and I think students can be a big part in the process of choosing a project and how they want to do it. Students will enjoy doing craft projects and they can really open up new ways of teaching and learning for students. 

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